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In the last year, a lot of things have changed in the world. Surely, your perspective has evolved a lot too. While the world has gone through the pandemic and economic meltdown, millions of people lost their jobs, lost their loved ones. In third-world countries, people died because of hunger during the COVID 19 situation. 

Maybe you have not been on the harsher side of fate during this global disaster. Maybe you are comfortable at home, working on your laptop, spending time with your family more, or staying away but yet connected digitally with them. However, that doesn’t guarantee that you are feeling good about yourself either. 

The Global Mental Health Crisis

On 10th October 2020, the World Mental Health Day, the World Health Organization acknowledged the disruption in mental health services all around the world during this trying time, urging countries to invest more in mental health programs. 

Grief, the uncertainty of life, unemployment, isolation, and helplessness caused more and more issues like anxiety, depression, bipolar syndrome, and suicidal tendencies for millions. 

While access to mental health facilities has gone down drastically, the need for being better and living better has increased in manifolds. 

So, if you are at this time, reading this article and thinking about how you can be a better person, then you are not alone, my dear. 

There are hundreds or perhaps thousands like you who have been feeling the same. No wonder that the publishing giants like Penguin Random House and Harper Collins have reported a huge jump in sales for self-help and motivational books. 

The Urge to Become Better

Now, what do you think of when you think of being a “better” person? Well, a better person will have qualities like patience, endurance, sensibility, compassion, and acceptance. 

But is that all? 

Or are you striving to become the person who knows how to live better and how to make the world a better place for everyone? 

Well, surely it is the latter. So, for that, first, you need to stop being harsh on yourself. And then you need to follow these steps which can transform you and your life for the better. 

1 Cultivate Gratitude

While going through the tough times, it often becomes easier to think that we are leading a miserable life. But if you look at it closely, you will find things to be grateful for. 

Keep a journal where you can write about the things you are grateful for each day. You can be grateful just because you are safe and alive, you can be grateful that you are surrounded by your loved ones. 

You can be grateful for being able to live one more day. 

Research has shown that when you are counting your blessings and writing down the things you are grateful for, you are becoming better. 

It will drive away your stress, help you sleep better, and become more positive about life. You will find purpose every day.

2 Try Digital Detox

Famous author and novelist Matt Haig has written in this bestselling book Notes on a Nervous Planet that : “We might have to, sometimes, be brave enough to switch the screens off in order to switch ourselves back on. To disconnect in order to reconnect.” 

It is necessary to go for a digital detox.  All the social media platforms, OTT news platforms, and everything you read on the internet is leaving serious effect on you. 

While these places are running in a rat race to serve you the hottest news out there and fighting for the TRP, you are becoming their prey, gobbling up all the information which is flooding your brain so much that your mind is hyperactive. 

When you are seeing and focusing on all the negative things, it will become difficult to think of anything positive. 

Hence, find out some time and switch your devices off. You might feel itchy as you are not getting enough stimuli for your brain cells to fire. 

But you have to understand that too much of that will make those cells go numb, affecting your life, sleep, stress management and increasing anxiety. 

3 Stop Negative Self Talk

Again, stop being harsh on yourself. No one has an easy life. But that is not your fault. Maybe you have suffered from some serious illnesses. 

Maybe you are dealing with isolation and loneliness and all the memories of past failed relationships are troubling you now more. 

Maybe you are thinking about what you could have done to manage your finances better. 

Or perhaps, while everyone on the internet posting about the new course they are doing, the new food they are cooking, the new hobby they are cultivating or new things they are learning, you are feeling like a failure for not being as productive.

 Don’t do that. You are at the stage of your life where you should be. Your health, your failed relationships or your present situation, none of this reflects on you. 

You have so many promises in life, so many things to do and time is not running away. You will get opportunities as well. 

So, always talk positive to you. You must become the positive best friend and the cheerleader that you need. 

Also, positive self-talk can keep your mental diet perfect. And this in return, will attract more positive things in your life. 

Find ways so that you can become better in this life. And if you are feeling challenged with the present circumstances, then you must know that nothing is permanent, not even bad times.