Creating a distraction-free workspace at home can give your children a boost when it comes to their education and hobbies. Having a quiet, calm space where they can study, put together science experiments, or indulge creative talents can help your kids become more interested in the subjects, like STEM, that will help them succeed in life. Use these simple tricks to get a dedicated workspace set up for your kids at home. 

Pick Up Necessary Equipment  

If your kids want to be the next Eric Clapton or Bob Ross, they’re going to need the right tools to get them there. If you have an aspiring artist, be sure to pick up some art room basics to help them build on their talent. Got a budding musician on your hands? Help them score that future record deal by outfitting their practice room with the gear they need to take their musical talents to the next level. From guitar picks to extra drumsticks, simple accessories can make the difference when it comes to making music. 


Find a Space That Works  

When you’ve picked up all the essentials, you’ll need to figure out where to put it all. Your kids’ educational or recreational pursuits will help you determine what kind of space they need. A future Picasso may do well with an art studio in the shed or in a room with spill-friendly floors. Do your kids love to practice those STEM skills at home? Maybe you can set up some space in the kitchen or a well-ventilated area where they can let loose with their science experiments. Keep your kid’s activities in mind when you pick a room or corner in your house to set up as a dedicated workspace. 


Cut Down on Distractions  

One of the perks of setting up a workspace is being able to keep distractions out of the equation. Make your kid’s new workspace an electronics-free space as much as possible. Don’t put a TV in the room, and don’t allow your children to bring their phones into the space when they are working. A simple speaker or radio may be beneficial for playing study-enhancing music or to cover up any outside noise that could be distracting. Also be sure to keep curtains closed and blinds drawn so that your kids aren’t focusing on outside rather than the tasks at hand. 


Use Tools to Improve Focus  

Even without distractions, getting kids to focus for an extended period of time can be tough. So use some tricks to help them get their work or practice done. Aromatherapy can be a simple way to improve concentration and creativity in a dedicated workspace. Certain smells can trigger positive emotions and thought processes in the brain. Lemon can boost energy levels, while lavender can calm stress. You can even blend scents together to help your children focus, reduce any anxiety they may have, and enhance their energy levels when working on projects. 


Be Sure to Schedule Breaks 

Perfecting a new skill or improving grades takes dedication, but it’s important for your children to know when to relax as well. Once you’ve set up their workspace, encourage them to take breaks from their studies or practice every once in a while. Break out some healthy study snacks to keep their energy levels up or teach them some breathing techniques to calm their minds. Studying and practicing a talent can be stressful, just like other parts of life, so arm your children with some stress-relieving techniques to help them succeed. 


Life is full of distractions. Give your kids a break from distractions with a dedicated workspace for studying, crafting, or practicing their passions. Keep this space filled with equipment that will help them succeed and free of clutter that will only distract them. Setting up a dedicated, distraction-free workspace can be simple and can give your children the boost they need to be happy and successful in their studies and hobbies.


Photo via Pexels