Running a business demands a lot of you. You’re ultimately responsible for everything your business does, and you may have to wear several hats over the course of any one day to ensure that your business continues to function. To meet these challenges, it helps to be both mentally and physically resilient, and exercise can help you develop those traits.

To help motivate you to devote time to regular exercise, we’ve asked several expert fitness coaches one question:

“What are the main benefits of exercise to busy entrepreneurs?”

Understand the Importance of Physical Movement
“The most important benefit is physical movement, which is so important for blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Additionally, the opportunity to burn off excitatory neurotransmitters and stress hormones is a key.”
Dr. Amanda Carpenter, DPT, CProT, CEAS, HeartMathTM Practitioner |

Prioritize Your Well-being
“When we combine exercise and proper nutrition, we not only enjoy better physical health but also become more efficient and successful entrepreneurs. So, let’s prioritize our well-being to achieve long-term success.”
Ryan Treadaway, Personal Trainer | Treadaway Training

Success Is Built On Health
“Moving your body even if it is just for 10-30 minutes a day will not only help break up that day and the fatigue of it all, but also refresh you as a whole. What we work for will not matter if we are not healthy or alive to benefit from it. Success is built around health.”
~Michael Anderson, Owner/Head Coach at Compound Athletics |

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